Drone Legal Services

Drone Legal Services was created by me, Peter Sachs, the author of Drone Law Journal and @TheDroneGuy on Twitter. I receive emails, texts and calls daily from drone owners and pilots who want legal advice or who need legal representation. However, I do not accept clients, ever. I refer potential matters to attorneys throughout the U.S. who do represent clients. As you might imagine, this takes up a lot of my time. To streamline the process of connecting drone owners and pilots with attorneys, I have created Drone Legal Services, which is an online listing of U.S. attorneys who offer legal services specific to the needs and interests of drone owners and pilots — both hobbyists and commercial operators.

  • Have you received an FAA Letter of Investigation?
  • Have you received any other communication from the FAA?
  • Have you been fined or arrested by local law enforcement?
  • Do you having questions about compliance with the new Part 107?
  • Do you have any other legal questions regarding drone ownership or operations?

Drone Legal Services is not simply a list of attorneys that I came up with. All attorneys listed on this site have requested to be listed here, and have indicated they have the skill and desire to offer legal advice and representation to drone owners and pilots. I have verified that each attorney is licensed to practice law and is in good standing, but the appearance of a particular attorney’s listing on this site is not an endorsement by me of that attorney. That said, I do "weed out" those who, in my opinion, are unqualified to offer legal services or who, in my opinion, have engaged in unethical practices.

Any attorney licensed and in good standing, and who holds him or herself out as qualified to represent the legal needs and interests of drone owners and pilots, is permitted to be listed. However it is your responsibility, not mine, to ensure that whichever attorney you might contact is best suited to represent your specific interests and needs. Nothing on this site constitutes legal advice or creates an attorney-client relationship between us. I do not seek to represent you, nor will I.